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    The primary collection management issues for Tehama County Museum are the lack of environmental controls and appropriate security for exhibitions and storage. While items are displayed and stored using acid-free materials and U/V filters, there are no temperature, humidity, or sufficient lighting controls in this 1800's building. Security is minimal. Recognizing the prohibitive cost to update the building, as well as its size and configuration limitations, several Board members took the initiative to construct a new, museum-appropriate, building. The Annex Building is currently enclosed with interior work continuing as funds become available. The vision and commitment to accomplish this museum building is extraordinary. It will provide for flexible exhibition space, a meeting room, and storage with environmental controls and security appropriate to museum collections. This will enable TCM to meet the requirements to borrow objects to enhance their collections, or host traveling exhibitions from other museums.

    Annex News

    July 30, 1998

    Much has happened during the early weeks of July. The Annex Project approached the County Board of Supervisors and I received a proposal to have buildmg and planning fees paid! from County economic and tourism grant monies. This, courtesy of the County Board of Supervisors "eliminates as much as $1,800 in costs to the Annex Project.

    "Ground Is Broken"

    July 24th, 1998

    Tehama County supervisors and Building Department personnel are behind the project and pledge to do their best to help.

    Friday, 24 July, 1998

    At 10 AM the official groundbreaking for the Museum Annex took place and makes the Annex a reality. County Officials and others: Foothill Ready-Mix, Dudleys' Excavating and River City Express. River City Express is preparing to deliver, pour and compact the partIcipate in the ceremony. If fill at the Annex site, the plan calls for nearly 3 feet of compacted fill to be ready prior to pouring the footers, the stemwalls and the concrete floor.

    Marty Graffell organized the event and led those in attendance in the Pledge of Allegiance.

    Tehama County Museum co-founder Margaret Bauer used the golden shovel to open the earth for the for excavation prior to pouring the footers.

    The finished floor of the Annex will be at 218 feet above sea-level and will be in compliance with the City of Tehama building codes and the FEMA 100 year flood standards.

    I am pleased with the broad range of representation- from throughout the County.

    Guests of Honor joined a crowd of more than 65 persons.Those in attendance included city administrator from Tehama, Mayor Ron Warner and Carolyn Steffan, representatives from Brown and Mills, of Redding, will perform the compaction \testing of the fill materials at a discounted rate. Corning.. Betty M. Pryatel, and from Red Blnff.. Russ W Frey; law enforcement was represented by officers from the California Highwway PatroL.. Dave Hahn and Bill Pool, the County Sheriff's Office by Sheriff Rob Heard and deputies; , Corning VFW Post Charles Gitbens ; the Jack Rogers, general contractor in Red Bluff, Dick Ochs an officer of Tehama Post V.F.W. No. 3909 volunteered his trenching services, while visiting the Annex booth at County Fair to a Museum Board member. Russell represented the County Supervisors and from the County Office Dana Hollmer, Robert Mieske. Miss Tehama County Tonya Jungwirth and Ambassador James Dalski attended; Bill Odem of the Los Molinos Chamber of Commerce and Barbara O'Keefe, from TRAX. filled out the guest list.

    Everyone had an opportunity to move a shovel full of dirt to kickoff the construction project. Local media, newspapers and T. V. stations Channel 7, 12 and 24 covered the event.

    Refreshments provided by Terri's Restaurant of Los Molinos, were served and people had an opportunity to explore the building site and learn more about the project. It was an historic day for the Tehama County Museum.

    Electric Conduit: Rogers came to the Museum at 6:30 the 25th of July and completed a trench measuring 170 feet long by 36. - Ochs, project construction advisor, marked the line of digging and placed 150 foot lengths of 3" electric conduit in the trench.

    Monday morning, the 27th of July, county building inspector Jim Hinley inspected the trench and gave his OK to cover .

    Telephone cable, provided by Pacific Bell, placed in the ditch one foot above the conduit. Yellow caution tape was placed one foot below the surface to warn for future digging. Soil was put back into the ditch one layer at a time and soaked to aide in compacting around the buried materials. This is the very first step in putting in the foundation and the floor of the new building.
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