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    Museum Tidings
    The official quarterly newsletter of the Tehama County Museum
    (Web Edition)

    Midsummer Issue 1997
    Tehama County Museum Foundation
    275 C. Street
    P.O. Box 275
    Tehama, CA 96090
    Phone: (530)384-2595
    Email: tcmuse@tehama.net
    Web Site: http//www.tehamacountymuseum.org

    From the editor:

    Hear ye! Hear ye! Observe! And all that good stuff! The Boy Scouts and the LDS Church have teamed up to make some great Improvements to our venerable building! Drive by and see the clean new paint job! Take a took at pruning and straightening in the yard! The wrought iron bars have been taken off the windows and sandblasted clean, given a coat of rust-proof underpainting and a new coat of paint (sort of reminds you the Spanish Southwest or New Orleans!) The Scouts (in particular Benjamin Garman of Boy Scout Troop 119 in Red Bluff who is working toward his Eagle Scout Badge ... the highest rank that can be earned in the Scouts) will be making the repairs to some of the windows and doors on the south side of the building. RUN RIGHT DOWN AND SEE IT ALL!

    This job supervised by….
    Marty Grafell
    Dean Gorby
    Richard Jenkins
    Paul Quinn

    And that's not all! . WELCOME TO THE 21ST CENTURY in your building that is already135 years old! Through the auspices of J. R. Whipple of Corning , who is a master-mind of on-line and web-sites and Internet (obviously not your editor who can't even TYPE a straight line!) we are going international with info about our Museum and our county! LIKE WOW)! If you are already connected to this service, the address is http://www.jrwhipple.com/index.html Give it a whirl and see what you get!

    To all of these projects and the NUMBERS of people who came to help illustrate the whole concept of community service (and pride!) and volunteering, our most heartfelt THANK YOU to all who were involved in any way, no matter how small. It takes us ALL to do a good job!


    Saturday 9 Sunday, Sept. 6 & 7 (Yes ... EARLY for the Jubilee) is the annual JUBILEE! Six raffle tickets are being mail to all Museum members.

    Nov. 11 ... Tuesday, Memorial celebration for Armistice Day (what do they call it now...Veteran's Day?) This will be to remind us of how we have that day to begin with. More on this in the next newsletter.

    Sunday, December 14 ... Christmas party and closing for annual winter vacation. More on this one too, in the next newsletter.

    HOWEVER ... Don't forget two vital things:

    Return raffle tickets. (OUR Songbird Elizabeth Grafell) has agreed to head the raffle again this year and THAT MEANS SUCCESS!) The second thing is dues ... due November 1st. If I have room there will be a list of all those WHO HAVE PAID their dues for THIS year. If your name is missing there could be a mistake (HIGHLY unlikely!) or you plain forgot. We depend on dues for running expenses, and if 50% of our members "forget", we caught short-handed….or should we say "short-FUNDED."


    CHARLOTTE MADDOX - GERBER - 1924 - 1997

    Charlotte was born in Arizona lived in Sacramento for 18 years before moving to our county She was a member of the Museum the Church in Gerber, the Garden Club, the Community Club, Eastern Star and VFW Auxiliary. Her husband Charles, who died in 1995, was the Museum's private "safe-cracker". They managed the Tehama Cemetery for 12 years.


    Clifford was born in Missouri, but had lived in Tehama County since 1934. He was custodian for the Museum for a number of years and drove school bus for the Los Molinos School District for 14 years. He enjoyed the outdoors and always had a nice garden wherever he lived. He is survived by a daughter, three brothers, three grandsons and one great-grandchild.

    LAURA L. WARD - LOS MOLINOS - 1914 - 1997

    Lora was born in Red Bluff, educated in the Tehama County school system, graduated from Red Bluff High School in 1934, and attended college in Chico. She owned and operated Lora's Super Service Station in Los Molinos. She is survived by her husband of 50 years, Robert E. Ward, and five cousins of the Turner and Flood families. She held Life Membership in the Tehama County Museum.


    Copies of the 1997 "Memories" published by the Tehama County Genealogical & Historical Society are now on hand at the Museum. We are delighted with the picture on page 80 of this issue of the yearbook. It shows Red bluff's Hose Cart Team with a hose cart just like the one from the City of Tehama which is upstairs in the Museum. The photograph from 1877 demonstrates that, without question, the old hose carts were pulled by human power, not horse power. Gene Serr brings to a close his series on where the name "Tehama" came from. He has done extensive research and presents a well-written conclusion to the origin of the name Tehama.


    A "new wrinkle" at this year's Jubilee is the Saturday nght Barbecue being prepared by Las Margaritas Restaurant of Los Molinos. This is a mexican-style barbecue chicken dinner. Dinner will be served from 5-8PM on Saturday, Sept. 6th. Tickets are ADULTS..$5.95, child under 12yrs..$3.00 and Family of 4 …$18.00. Tickets may be obtained from Museum Board members of from Dean and Winnie Gorby.


    Judy Chamberlain reminds all members that the Country Store features bakes goods, jams and jellies, cookies, fresh produce etc. These items may be brought to the Museum at 8AM on Saturday (there may be coffee and doughnuts in the kitchen…who knows?) Crafts, this year, have gone back to the idea of hand-made articles of whatever nature. If you want to sell what you have made, contact Nadine Clary right now for space…384-1331.

    Tehama County Museum Foundation; P.O. Box 275; Tehama, CA 96090
    (530) 384-2595

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