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    Museum Tidings
    The official quarterly newsletter of the Tehama County Museum
    (Web Edition)

    Summer Issue 2000
    Tehama County Museum Foundation
    275 C. Street
    P.O. Box 275
    Tehama, CA 96090
    Phone: (530)384-2595
    Email: tcmuse@tehama.net
    Web Site: http//www.tehamacountymuseum.org

    Pres. Bil Crook 384-1109
    V. Pres. Darrell Mullins 384-2305
    Sec'y Margaret Bauer 384-2420
    Treas. Nadine Clary 384-1331


    Upstairs in the Natural History room just above the Gallery is the new student exhibit. They have tied it in with our theme for this year's JUBILEE, "Steamboat on the River". They have constructed the wheelhouse of a steamboat, with a wheel that visitors can turn (to make the bend in the river that you can see "dead ahead"), with rope coiled ready for whatever use is called for, with stanchions and rode lining the edge of the deck. Fish swim in the river just ahead of the steamboat, and the whole scene is surrounded by painted scenery of the river-side. One panel has disguised hinges so we can gain entry to the upstairs office and service room... cleverly done! You must pass through the pilot house in order to reach the displays in the Simpson Room. This exhibit will be in place until just before the next JUBILEE.



    Darrell Mullins has secured a grant that will help us analyze where we are, what we are doing, what do we want to change, what is our real goal. This is Phase 1. The next step, Phase 2, is the visit by a good consultant, to held work through what we have discovered about ourselves. Phase 3 is the implementation of all those things we have agreed upon,

    NOW... mainly the membership pretty well has been satisfied to let the Board run things, with reports to them in the newsletter.

    This project is different. It is a 3 Year project, and requires the input of the membership as well as the board. So when we (courteously) ask that you come and participate, please plan to do so... at least those of you who live close enough. This project is too far-reaching to leave to the efforts of just 15 people (no matter how wise and all-knowing they appear to be! HA!)

    The Grant will pay for the materials we will use, the salary of the Consultant who will assist us, and other expenses of the project. Watch this newsletter, individual mailings, and the newspapers for further information, Or call one of the officers... in the upper left-hand corner of this page. BUT HELP!!!!


    It doesn't have to be a change of address... but the Membership Committee would like to know that as well as anything else you want to tell us. Maggie is the chairman for this committee because she has to keep the mailing list current. While she is at it, she can also keep track of who has paid dues on time or late... or NEW! So if you don't know what the status of your dues is, just give her a call and she can tell you. This year's color is turquoise (all the years are in different colors so the dues are easy to keep track of). Life Members are noted in deep pink. So ... THINK TUROUOISE if you haven't paid the 2000 dues yet.

    People who JOIN the Museum after July 1st get the rest of the current year free and the dues pay for next year. We have one new member who gets this bonus: SANDRA E. ROSAS, P.O. BOX 7045, CHICO!! WELCOME, SANDRA!


    This is the opportunity to thank all of the men and women (and their grandkids or whoever else comes in to help them!) for the good work of having the Museum open every weekend. This is a pleasant thing to do on an afternoon once a month (3 hours), and the people you will meet are most interesting,


    There are two concerns about the Docent program. First is that it really REQUIRES two people together. No person can watch both floors at once. And it isn't that we really expect someone to take things...but they have in the past, so we must have the personnel to watch both floors at once. A month, then, needs at least 8 people.

    Problem #2...We need to be open a third day because so many grants and the like ask us for the HOURS we are open. Two days just doesn't cut it. So we are open a third day each week... Friday...and Ruth Britt has volunteered to be there every Friday (GUESS why she was chosen our DOCENT OF THE YEAR!) That needs another 4 persons at least for the Friday crew.

    Pat Felthouse is chairman of the Docent Committee, and Betty Wilson works closely with her. What they want to do is find a day when each Docent will be free to come to the Museum. The schedule, then can be set up so each Docent can plan on being here on the assigned day, and there will be no scrambling at the last minute to be sure no one has to work alone. On each sheet there is a list of substitutes, and it is the duty of each Docent to call one of these people if a crisis comes up. That way you don't bother Pat or Betty to find someone else. NEAT, HUH! Pat…5278105 Betty…384-2152

    From time to time we will have a training session where you learn about the paper work the goes with artifacts donated while what do you do if someone faints down the stairs, how you handle questions that go to the curator , the acquisitions committee or the exhibit committee. All these sessions do it make you look like you had your training at the Smithsonian! Come volunteer for a day of your choice...we might shift other Docents to new days to work in new people!


    W0W! The age of technology doesn't scare us! We have three ways to get in contact with the Museum BESIDES the normal ways of telephoning or the mail!

    #1 e-mail: tcmuse@tehama.net

    #2FAX to:(530) 529-2527

    #3 Website at...www.tehamacountymuseum.org

    The Museum Home Page includes a page for "Tehama County Genealogy". To reach that page you do this: http://www.tehamacountymuseum.org/tcmgene.html

    From time to time the information is changed to include new items. Check through your computer to raise this website on your screen and keep up with the 21st century at the Museum!


    This line from The Jabberwocky’s Song from Alice in Wonderland absolutely fits the way we look at the Museum these days. For we have had a wonderful visit from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who tame in great numbers on the 22nd of July to thoroughly clean the Museum. And that they did' It sparkles and gleams from top to bottom.

    This is the Community Service project the church selects each year, and it is the second time they have chosen us. Nadine Clary, Paul Quinn, Dean Gorby and Bil Crook were on hand to lend a hand or show where things go.

    The group is primarily from Corning and under the direction of Pastor Richard Call.

    This is all just in time for the annual JUBILEE! Glass cases, carpets, the rest roomscounters5, cupboards, appliances, nooks and crannies...ALL of it is in tip-top condition for what we hope to be a large crowd.


    In the very beginning, we chose the name "Tehama County Museum" because we intended to focus on the entire history of the entire county.

    Well, you know how it is with the passage of time... everybody gets a little careless and pretty soon it was easier to say "The Tehama Museum"...which gives a totally wrong idea of what the Museum is all about. The Red Bluff News has begun to use the shorter name too. (What would Kelly-Griggs for instance say if everybody began to say "Oh the Kellv Museum!") That's just one of the mistakes in the paper that we can do something about

    Now, we all know that we are NOT any part of the County-supported entities. We get not one dime from the County, nor the State, nor the Federal Government either. "County" in our name shows what we represent,

    The money that we get comes from our fundraising activities, from our dues, and from any donations that-people want to make.

    Please be sure you use the full name when you refer to the Museum, and correct other people who use the short form by mistake, As a member of the Museum, you should be willing to tell WHY the Museum has the name it does. OK? Thank you for doing this.

    ('Scuse me. I hadda go listen to the convention.)


    SEPTEMBER 9th and 10th 19th Annual JUBILEE!

    Mark Your Calendar!
    SATURDAY 10AM to 5PM
    SUNDAY 12 Noon to 4PM
    The day begins with the Children's Parade at 10 AM. The LM Fire Department will be in charge again ... BUT...we may have lovely English Shire HORSES to lead the parade! We are hoping to arrange with the owner of these beautiful gray animals to talk to the children and adults about them after the parade is over. There will be games for the children in the park, we will have our own sheriffs and "deputies" to keep an eye on the crowd for any criminal acts or unlikely behavior. Be aware that we have the key to the jail and it will hold quite a few people.

    There will be musical numbers during the afternoon (although the program may be interrupted at any point by the law having to deal with unseemly behavior!)

    At 5:30 the Annex Project will take over the affairs. They had to delay the car drawing until this Saturday evening, and the evening program will also include a free street dance and Tri-Tip Dinner ($5). The drawing for the car will be held at 7:30 PM.

    The grill will be busy all day, with hamburgers and hot dogs during the day and the tri-tip dinner at night.


    Tehama County Museum Foundation; P.O. Box 275; Tehama, CA 96090
    (530) 384-2595

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