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    Museum Tidings
    The official quarterly newsletter of the Tehama County Museum
    (Web Edition)

    Winter Issue 2002
    Tehama County Museum Foundation
    275 C. Street
    P.O. Box 275
    Tehama, CA 96090
    Phone: (530)384-2595
    Email: tcmuse@tehama.net
    Web Site: http//www.tehamacountymuseum.org

    President: Darrell Mullins 384-2305
    Vice-President: Chris Bauer 384-1463
    Secretary: Paul Quinn 384-1285
    Treasurer: Linda Middlebrough 384-2602
    Editor: Karen Bacquet 384-1525


    "The past is a source of knowledge, and the future is a source of hope. Love of the past implies faith in the future." Reader's Digest 9/01


    A lot has been happening at the Tehama County Museum since our last newsletter. The most important event was the 21st Annual Jubilee. It was a wonderfully full one day affair this year, and if you were fortunate enough to have attended, you understand when I say that conditions couldn't have been better. Unlike most years in early September, we had perfect weather. It was beautiful with lots of sun, a cool breeze and temperatures in the mid 70's. It hardly seemed like Tehama County in the summertime. There was good food available all day long, non-stop entertainment on the outdoor stage, booths in the park, and our special feature in the new Annex - antique appraisals. This was organized by Sam Kissee and involved a group of appraisers drawn from all over the north state. If you missed the opportunity to have YOUR antiques appraised this year, bring them to the Jubilee next year.

    This event could not have happened had it not been for the tremendous support of volunteers.

    The Museum Foundation Board of Directors would like to acknowledge that support and say a couple of big THANK YOUs to all of the people who gave of their time and talent to make this event such a success.

    The first big "thank you" goes to all of the generous members and friends of the Museum Foundation who either sold or bought their drawing tickets and sent in the donations - sometimes with a much appreciated extra amount in support of the event.

    The second big "thank you" goes to all of the talented people who provided entertainment for the crowd - always with a smile.

    The third big "thank you" goes to all of the members and friends of the Museum Foundation and members of the community who pitched in and helped organize and put on this event - to Dick Ochs and his Kiwanis crew for turning out a wonderful breakfast - and lunch - and supper; and to Ruth Britt, Marty Graffell and Paul Quinn for handling the kitchen end of all that food. To Jeanine Vadney and her CDF crew for organizing and running the children's parade. To all of the members of 4-H groups in the county who baked so many tasty cakes for the cake walks. To Ross Turner and the Boy Scouts for providing the color guard in the parade and the flag raising. To Sgt. Rod Daugherty and the Sheriff Dept. for providing so much good information for the kids about public and personal safety. To Laurie Dana and to Jerome Crow and the Red Bluff Daily News for all of the fine publicity. To Sam Kissee and his crew of appraisers for their insights and for making us feel rich in a number of ways. To Shelly Reno, our Intern volunteer for arranging for and scheduling all of the day's entertainment. To Ann Bianchi and her sidekick husband Ray for handling all of the kids games. To all of you - Thank You so much.


    Holiday Greetings to everyone!

    As the year draws to a close I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those kind individuals who helped make this an exceptional year at the Museum, especially the Board of Directors for the great effort in keeping the dream alive! I am always in awe of the dedication of these individuals who unselfishly give of their time, talents and money, while expecting nothing in return. You have my utmost respect and admiration for a job well done! I would also like to thank Ruth Britt and her crew of docent volunteers, because without docents, we would not have been able to keep the doors open. I can't say enough about the Kiwanis and the VFW for their financial and manpower support of the museum. Both of these groups are jewels in our community. I would also like to thank all those individuals and groups who helped in any way to make this organization an important part of the community!

    This year started off with a very successful Quilt Show in February. We were able to use the Annex building, which provided the much-needed room to display the quilts properly. However, it was a little chilly because the heating has not been installed yet. In March we held our annual Corned Beef Dinner at the Los Molinos Elementary School. It was very well attended and we also received help from the Walmart associates and an additional financial contribution from Walmart as well. May brought the Second Annual Blues by the Tracks, held in Habert Park in the city of Tehama. The evening of May 20th our annual archaeology week program took place in the Annex building. We hosted two archaeologists who talked about recent work done by CalTrans. For July, the Museum presented "Music by the Tracks," a free concert showcasing local bands from Tehama and Shasta Counties at Habert Park. In September, of course, we had a very successful 21st Annual Jubilee. This was the first year we had our version of PBS's "Antiques Road Show." This event included six appraisers who viewed a variety of items brought in by a very enthusiastic crowd. It was very well attended and will definitely be repeated next year. In October, we participated in Museum Day as promoted by the Tehama County History Consortium, and in the Dairyville Orchard Festival. We sold "36-Lady Prune Cakes" made by Museum members and we sold coffee donated by the new Starbucks in Red Bluff.

    Well, this has brought us full circle to our annual Christmas party in December. With this fun event, we would like to acknowledge and thank the docents and many volunteers that have kept us up and running throughout the years. It has been a very busy year around here! It seems like we spend all our time trying to raise money just to keep the doors open! Our operating expenses are going up just like at home, with insurance at about $5,200 and utilities at about $2,000 annually. We are very dependent on your membership renewals for support and appreciate them very much.

    The following is an excerpt from a speech that I gave at a Kiwanis meeting. It relates to our future plans for the museum and some questions to which I asked the audience to respond. I share them with you now and encourage you to respond with constructive ideas and suggestions to me or to any of our board members.

    Some of the questions we might ask ourselves:

    1) What place should a (your) museum occupy in education, and more particularly in relation to preschools, schools, colleges, and universities?
    2) What role should a (your) museum play as a space for interpersonal and social exchange and as a center of community life where people meet and socialize?
    3) What role should a (your) museum play as a place for celebrating a community's history, heritage, and accomplishments and for building a sense of community pride?
    4) What role should a (your) museum play in building skills and in transmitting basic concepts (especially for young people) in science, history, or art?

    Our hope is to bring the community into this process in determining our future by pulling the museums more into the center of the communities. It requires museum trustees moving out into the community, and by being at the table at sometimes-unlikely gatherings and by having conversations and exploring areas beyond our more traditional roles as trustees.

    Won't you help create that future?

    In closing I would again say thank you to all.

    Oh, by the way...did I ask for your membership renewals?

    "As I get older, I've learned to listen to people rather than accuse them of something."


    Once again, your Tehama County Museum Foundation participated in the annual Orchard Festival and by all accounts it was a huge success. We sold books on local history, we sold "36 Lady Prune Cakes" by the slice and by the whole, and the new Starbucks Coffee in Red Bluff donated two kinds of coffee for us to sell as well. Faith Bennett, Ruth Britt, Pat Felthouse and Linda Middlebrough baked over 110 cakes of various sizes, and they were joined by Paul Quinn, Marty Graffell, and Hugh Mills in running the booth. Many thanks to all for a job well done.

    "Cats regard people as warm-blooded furniture."


    "Frontier House" on PBS showed how modern families living under 1883 conditions would react. At the end of their stay, young Logan said that, "it (living in those conditions) made me use my imagination." Three months after returning home they interviewed him again but he was immersed in video games.

    "Imagination." What a valuable gift. It involves intellectual curiosity and leads to discovery. All of the advances in medicine, science, astronomy, and all of the other disciplines began with imagination. Museums have the power of kindle the fire of curiosity through imagination.

    In any museum, it is the docents who bring history alive and spark that imagination in the minds of visitors. You can help the Museum give the gift of intellectual curiosity. Please, consider volunteering just 3 hours a month and help us open the doors to the history of Tehama County. Who knows what "brush fire" of imagination you could help ignite. Keep the fire alive and meet lots of interesting people.

    Call Ruth Britt at 385-1057 or Paul at 384-1285 and ask about being a docent for the Tehama County Museum Foundation. Thanks!!

    "The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

    "You miss 100% of the shots you never take" Wayne Gretzky


    Dec. 15, 2002-Feb. 1, 2003 - Closed. Have a very happy and meaningful holiday season!

    Jan. 5, 2003 at 4:P.M. - Annual meeting of the membership.

    "Pursuant to the bylaws of the Tehama County Museum Foundation, there will be called a meeting of the membership the first Sunday in January at 4:P.M. to elect directors. Nominaton will commence at the at the Museum in the Bauer Gallery."

    This is your opportunity to talk with Members of the Board of Directors and other members and supporters of the Museum. Bring a friend and come see what's happening and what's planned.

    Feb. 21, 22, 23, 2003 - Doll Show/Gun Show This year the Annual Doll Show will be combined with the Annual Gun Show, and we promise that, all logic to the contrary, these two events will be complementary. If you are interested in the Doll Show, call Pat Felthouse at 527-1805.

    If you are interested in the Gun Show, call Marty Graffell at 384-1266.


    This is the time of year when we begin to think of membership and membership renewal. As usual, the process has already started and we want to say "Welcome!" and "Welcome back!" to the following new and returning members for the calendar year 2003: Ida Knowles, Weston and Eleanor Briggs (Life members), Clair and Kenneth Morgan, John and Louise Rasmussen, Judge and Mrs. Noel Watkins, Ray and Barbara Wahl, Jones and Sons Orchards, Ron Finch and Family, John and Andrew Brooks, L.E. and June Morford, and Robert Weilmunster. Remember, all new and renewal memberships taken out during the last half of 2002 are good for all of 2003.

    Feb. 21, 22, 23, 2003 - Doll Show/Gun Show

    Tehama County Museum Foundation; P.O. Box 275; Tehama, CA 96090
    (530) 384-2595

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